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go/run/flash etc through somebody’s mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo/run/flash etc through somebody’s mindgo/run/flash etc through somebody’s mindif something goes through your mind, you have a thought, especially for a short time She knew what was going through his mind. All kinds of questions ran through my mind. After the accident, one of the things that went through my mind was whether I would be able to drive again. mind
Examples from the Corpus
go/run/flash etc through somebody’s mindI began to wonder what might be going through her mind.Over and over it ran through his mind.The past twenty-two months flashed through my mind like film run at high speed, and suddenly I felt rather tired.The thought ran through my mind I heard chaos outside.Perhaps more mundane thoughts went through her mind.Who lived there and what was going through their minds?The one occasion which was flashing through Yanto's mind at this moment involved just three of the local water babies.This was staggering new information, and all kinds of ideas were flashing through our minds.
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