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go/run to seed

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo/run to seedgo/run to seeda) HBPif a plant or vegetable goes or runs to seed, it starts producing flowers and seeds as well as leaves b) HEALTHY#if someone or something goes or runs to seed, they become less attractive or good, especially because they are getting old and have not been properly looked after The old central bus station is going to seed. seed
Examples from the Corpus
go/run to seedAt the same time, a drought affected the area, and heliotrope had time to grow and go to seed.Their skin was as smooth as warm water, their hair as soft as a dandelion crown gone to seed.She looked middle-aged, overdressed, a show-girl gone to seed.The rest of the College, like the theatre, seems in Paul Pry's day to have run to seed.Formerly owned by Arthur Siegel, it had since gone to seed.Mark knows he has allowed himself to go to seed a bit.And a production should not just be a matter of getting a good notice and leaving it to go to seed slowly.
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