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go shopping

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo shoppinggo shopping (also be out shopping) to go to one or more shops to buy things, often for enjoyment The next day, Saturday, we went shopping. Mum’s out shopping with Granny. shop
Examples from the Corpus
go shoppingLet's meet in town. We can have lunch and go shopping.Governments measure inflation by going shopping.When it goes shopping for fresh solutions, the open organization ought to be looking for a good fit and durability.And if she was staying she had to go shopping for groceries.This was the case when Chavez decided to go shopping in Tampa.By going shopping Mr Azcárraga has followed fashion.I'm going shopping now. Do you want anything?Richard and I go shopping on Castro Street.When she went shopping to the town she wore a long, voluminous, dark-grey cloak of which she was very proud.Arrange to go shopping with a resident who wants to buy new clothes.
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