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go short (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo short (of something)go short (of something)ENOUGH# British English to have less of something than you need She made sure that her children never went short. short
Examples from the Corpus
go short (of something)More of the world-beating copies are on sale today in areas that went short.The stroke went short and choppy.But Jude is used to going short of beauty sleep-although it doesn't show.So whether you're visiting Perth or Penzance, you need never go short of cash.You haven't gone short of food, that's obvious.That would make it extremely painful to have gone short of sterling in the past few days.Since these are fairly cheap to buy and easy to prepare, the elderly rarely go short of them.Debbie's husband would have cared if he had gone short, oh yes.
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