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go some way towards doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo some way towards doing somethinggo some way towards doing somethingalso go a long way towards doing somethingHELP to help a little or a lot to make something happen ideas that go some way towards reducing environmental problems way
Examples from the Corpus
go a long way towards doing somethingAnd Monday's game will go a long way towards determining Wright's future.For it was he who arranged the finance which went a long way towards putting the station on the air.Friedman's statement of the natural rate hypothesis went a long way towards reconciling such evidence with basic classical theory.In doing so it can go a long way towards lifting the depression which has afflicted too many teachers in recent years.Schema theory can go a long way towards explaining the sender's choice and arrangement of information in communication.The new, improved materials available have gone a long way towards extending the lifespan of today's flat roof.This decision goes a long way towards demonstrating the untenability of the marital-rape exemption in modern times.This will also go a long way towards preventing your neighbour complaining about the noise you make.
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