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go through the roof

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo through the roofgo through the roofinformal a) (also hit the roof)ANGRY to suddenly become very angry Put that back before Dad sees you and hits the roof! b) INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNTif a price, cost etc goes through the roof, it increases to a very high level roof
Examples from the Corpus
go through the roofPut that back before Dad sees you and hits the roof!The second day went through the roof with a whopping 573,604.Inflation had accelerated and commodity prices had gone through the roof.No wonder inflation is going through the roof and our environment ends up choked with litter.And the price is going through the roof.Following news of increased profits, the company's share price went through the roof.Sales of those products went through the roof.They criticise the poll tax, but when they were in office the rates went through the roof.Sales of Ray-Ban sunglasses went through the roof after Tom Cruise wore them in 'Risky Business'.He could predict business to go through the roof.
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