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go to pot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo to potgo to potinformalFAIL if something such as a place or an organization goes to pot, it becomes much worse or fails because no one is taking care of it The government has let the whole country go to pot. pot
Examples from the Corpus
go to potHer relationship with the boy has gone to pot lately.This whole village has gone to pots.My God, they've really let the house go to pot.Many people's good intentions go to pot as Ian Cocking does the work virtually single handed.Birth then becomes difficult and painful and, of course, the economics of the whole operation goes to pot.There was another moneymaking scheme gone to pot.The foundry was allowed to go to pot in the seventies and Pringle's started purchasing from outside suppliers.Montreal was powdering its face and putting on lipstick while infrastructure was going to pot.
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