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go to show/prove/indicate etc something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo to show/prove/indicate etc somethinggo to show/prove/indicate etc somethingHELPto help to prove something It just goes to show how much people judge each other by appearances. go
Examples from the Corpus
go to show/prove/indicate etc somethingBut Rat, I am going to show you the World.It goes to show you the gap between reality and virtual reality in military thinking.It just goes to show you.James Prior said unemployment levels were intolerable and Norman Tebbit said that he was going to prove that the problem was soluble.Leese was going to show me another trick.Which goes to show that the smart guys were right about something.Which all goes to show what can actually be achieved when an analogue master tape is lovingly transferred to compact disc.Which just goes to prove, you do have to be a somebody to get ahead in this town!
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