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go to somebody’s head

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo to somebody’s headgo to somebody’s headinformalPROUD a) if alcohol goes to your head, it quickly makes you feel drunk b) if success goes to someone’s head, it makes them feel more important than they really are She never let fame go to her head. head
Examples from the Corpus
go to somebody’s headA rush of blood went to Rosheen's head as the infection he had implanted did its work.I think your Nobel Prize has gone to your head.He went to the head in the middle of the night to study the fluid, a dreadful yellowish drip.She was a looker, that one, and I guess it went to her head.Production went to his head and thrilled his sleepless nerves like liquor or women on a Saturday night.Dave really let his promotion go to his head.They were floundering chest-deep, and Riven went to Madra's head, helping to hold it above the water.At ten o'clock they went to the tunnel head.The wine went straight to my head.
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