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go to the polls

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo to the pollsgo to the pollsto vote in an election Ten million voters went to the polls. poll
Examples from the Corpus
go to the pollsA week after that, three big Midwestern states hold primaries, and on March 26, Californians go to the polls.With only two days left before France goes to the polls, all parties are campaigning hard.So people go to the polls convinced their only choice is the lesser of two evils.In June 1983, Margaret Thatcher went to the polls for the second time.As they go to the polls the voters know what package of compromises they are voting for.Next week, they go to the polls in a presidential election that should indicate where their sympathies lie.If so, on past form only a third of the electorate will bother to go to the polls.We're trying to encourage young people to go to the polls.The people of Houston will go to the polls next week to elect a new mayor.This Tuesday, August 5, voters will go to the polls to accept or reject the proposed charter.Republican voters will go to the polls for four hours to select the first batch of delegates of the presidential primary season.
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