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go to town (on something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo to town (on something)go to town (on something)informalENTHUSIASTIC to do something in a very eager or thorough way Angela really went to town on buying things for her new house. town
Examples from the Corpus
go to town (on something)Bury that snout in Haagen-Dasz and go to town!This month he goes to town on forms.Sandy went to town on the displays.Bénéteau went to town in their usual impressive way; it is, after all, their home patch.Windows give you a chance to go to town.In the United States of the early 1940s, women still donned hats and gloves to go to town.Over another cup of coffee we made plans to go to town.When we used to go to town he used to get her out and carry her.
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