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go too far

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo too fargo too far (also take/carry something too far)TOO/TOO MUCH to do something too extreme One day she will go too far. Some people thought he had gone too far in his criticism of the police. far
Examples from the Corpus
go too farInvestors are concerned that real estate inflation has gone too far.We have already gone too far.Surely a barber didn't hold his client in this way, was he perhaps going too far?Their elders in Linea 13 try to keep them from going too far.They want to go too far.She would make sure she did not go too far, or too soon.Has he gone too far out of bounds to get back on course?They never went too far out.I can only hope I am proved wrong: things have gone too far to turn back the tide.The court ruled that the police went too far when they handcuffed Rooney to a chair.
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