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go unanswered/unnoticed/unrewarded etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo unanswered/unnoticed/unrewarded etcgo unanswered/unnoticed/unrewarded etcto not be answered, noticed etc All my letters went unanswered. He hoped that his nervousness would go unnoticed. go
Examples from the Corpus
go unanswered/unnoticed/unrewarded etcAnd then it was dark and their entry into camp had gone unnoticed.Feeding soldiers is not a glamorous business; for the most part it is an administrative function that goes unnoticed.He had been humiliated Wednesday night and that could not go unanswered.This attempt to confuse the issue went unanswered, and Santa Anna continued his preparations to advance on the capital.The success of the tests had not gone unnoticed at the Air Ministry.It might have gone unnoticed except that the dictionary is quite unequivocal about it.That despite a troublesome physical problem: a wrist fracture incurred on his last tour that went unnoticed for months.Underscoring this notion is the fact that other diseases continue to go unnoticed under the very nose of modern medicine.
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