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go/walk down the aisle

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo/walk down the aislego/walk down the aisleinformalMARRY to get married aisle
Examples from the Corpus
go/walk down the aisleHer mouth turned up at the corners, Mavis walked down the aisle with Walter.As she walked down the aisle her heart brimmed over with love and adoration for Charles.Resplendent in red, she walks down the aisle on the arm of the Rev.Together, they walked down the aisle behind the crucifix, toward the rear of the church.The wedding was off, because no way was she going to walk down the aisle looking like an eejit!They looked at the passports and then started to walk down the aisle, pointing their guns at the passengers.He wanted to walk down the aisle with you and give you away to your young man.Inspector Miskin was walking down the aisle.
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