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go wild

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo wildgo wilda) EXCITEDto behave in a very excited uncontrolled way The crowd went wild as soon as the singer stepped onto the stage. b) to get very angry When Tony heard how much it was going to cost, he just went wild. wild
Examples from the Corpus
go wildWell, by that time it was going on the screen, and then the markets went wild.When Jordan's picture flashed on the screen, the crowd went wild.But the flashing lights pass straight through, on to some real emergency, and the crowd goes wild.No, they wouldn't: they'd go wild.Soon-Yi told friends that Mia went wild after finding nude photos of her in film-maker Allen's Manhattan apartment.The stock market went wild today.Apparently Maggie is going wild trying to find out who is responsible for seasonal changes.The borough of Brooklyn went wild, turning into one long block party.Southampton went wild when the Friendship came into view.Use the traditional pink and white marshmallows or go wild with lots of assorted shapes and colours.
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