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go your separate ways

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo your separate waysgo your separate waysa) SEPARATEif people go their separate ways, they stop being friends or lovers b) TRAVELif people who have been travelling together go their separate ways, they start travelling in different directions separate
Examples from the Corpus
go your separate waysAfter this they go their separate ways.In the case of bacteria, the enormous numbers of cells produced by successive doublings go their separate ways.Only then, in the shock of the open air at last, did we break ranks and go our separate ways.She takes it up, the partners disengage and go their separate ways.They were too readily allowed to go their separate ways.We all seemed to split up and go our separate ways afterwards.Or would they go their separate ways, each ruling an independent principality?He says that they more or less go their separate ways, Felicity and this green fellow she's married to.
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