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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoateegoa‧tee /ɡəʊˈtiː $ ɡoʊ-/ noun [countable]  HBBBODYa small pointed beard on the end of a man’s chin
Examples from the Corpus
goateeHsu described the man as white, between 25 and 30, with dark hair and a goatee.His soulless eyes are narrowed and sullen, and his arch goatee recalls an amoral Transylvanian count.Does Anthony Edwards' goatee really work on a man with such otherwise ill-defined features?He had dutifully nurtured a six-hair goatee and frayed the bottom of his jeans.Clair, with his goatee, bowl haircut and perennially puzzled look, to querulous life.Models sported immaculate centre-parted shoulder-length hair and the beginnings of goatee beards.His hair is thick but cut quite short and he has a short goatee beard.Belushi, with goatee and discount-mall wardrobe, is a standard-issue angry cop.
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