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goddessgod‧dess, Goddess /ˈɡɒdɪs $ ˈɡɑː-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 RRa female being who is believed to control the world or part of it, or represents a particular quality Aphrodite, goddess of love2 screen goddess
Examples from the Corpus
goddessWe also learn that the interdependence of gods and goddesses extends to mortals.Lee lifted herself a little towards her goddess and rested herself on one elbow, looking up like a child, expectant.I talked to him the way Bhairon had sung to his goddess.Was she to be regarded as a ghost, a courtesan, lost lamb, misunderstood goddess?Then come the seated goddesses Demeter and Kore, and the fine upstanding figure of Artemis the hunter.It is a short deductive step to equate the pillar with the goddess Potnia or the Mistress of Animals.
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