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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgodlikegod‧like /ˈɡɒdlaɪk $ ˈɡɑːd-/ adjective  GOOD/EXCELLENTGOOD/MORALhaving a quality like God or a god syn divine godlike powers
Examples from the Corpus
godlikeIf one can not muster a godlike detachment, a sense of impotence is the next best protection from despair.A godlike figure, I thought, descending lightly but with dignity from the sky.After World War II, Stalin had become a godlike figure in the Soviet Union.It was good to be a flyer, up above it all, godlike in your vision.In chapter 33 he is a noble figure of godlike magnanimity.It's built round itself an aura of godlike objectivity.I set before you the bow of godlike Odysseus.The union of heaven and earth described there produces a mighty all-conquering insolent race of godlike people.
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