2 adjective

the going rate/price/salary etc

B the usual amount you pay or receive as payment for something
the going rate/price/salary etc for
Thirty dollars an hour is the going rate for a math tutor.

the biggest/best/nicest etc something going

the biggest, best etc of a particular thing:
It's some of the best beer going.
3 [not before noun] British English informal available:
Are there any jobs going where you work?

have a lot going for you

to have many advantages and good qualities that will bring success:
Stop being so depressed. You have a lot going for you.

a going concern

a business which is making a profit and is expected to continue to do so
6 also -going used after words such as cinema and theatre to form adjectives that describe people who regularly go to the cinema, theatre etc:
the cinema-going public

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