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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoings-onˌgoings-ˈon noun [plural]  HAPPENactivities or events that are strange or interesting, and often illegal She was shocked by some of the goings-on at the school.
Examples from the Corpus
goings-onThere were all these strange chants and goings-on.The book is set in a fictitious village called Paradise, and is full of sexy rural romping and illicit goings-on.Moreover, Eleanor's references to Freddie's goings-on, however much Liza suspected there might have been plenty, upset her.The spooky goings-on happened when night watchman James Durham spotted a man with a heavy overcoat walking his black retriever.According to Gwen, there had been some very strange goings-on in the upstairs apartment.But what could a kid know about such goings-on as were chronicled in the pages she had read?I could hardly believe it when he told me about the goings-on in his office.Kennedy was shocked at some of the goings-on at the school.Word is she and McDermott exchanged pleasantries and greetings and watched the goings-on.None of these goings-on has done anything to calm the Polynesians.
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