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gold leaf

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgold leafˌgold ˈleaf noun [uncountable]  DCHCMgold which has been beaten into extremely thin sheets and is used to cover things such as picture frames for decoration
Examples from the Corpus
gold leafAn assistant was carefully applying gold leaf to it.Different shades of superfine, 22 carat gold leaf are painted on to the hair during the highlighting process.Floors and columns were painted to look like marble, and 24-karat gold leaf was applied on molding.Yet even as I watched, the gold leaf tilted slowly down toward the vertical, at ever-increasing speed.He also uses gold leaf on mirrors, then paints it to get an antique look.Some of the stone vases were partially coated with gold leaf.Thirty pages are reproduced in facsimile with gold leaf.
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