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gold rush

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgold rushˈgold rush noun [countable]  THURRYa situation when a lot of people hurry to a place where gold has just been discovered
Examples from the Corpus
gold rushTonight we're in the town of Kalgoorlie. 100 years ago, they had a gold rush here.the California gold rushAnd the gold rush already has begun.Homeowners pay hefty commissions to be a part of the gold rush.The long avenue is still lined with the iron-laced pubs of the gold rush days, with their wooden verandahs.I never twigged what the gold rush was.
From Longman Business Dictionarygold-rushˈgold-rush (also gold rush) noun [countable]COMMERCE when a lot of companies or people hurry to invest in a place or activity that they expect to make them a lot of moneyThe internet sparked a gold-rush for powerful desktop computers.Eager to take part in the gold rush, all the big Japanese trading companies have set up offices in Vietnam.
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