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gold standard

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgold standardˈgold ˌstandard noun   the gold standard
Examples from the Corpus
gold standardEach needs an archetype, a gold standard, to allow their specimens to be put in the correct cabinet.In fact a gold standard operated in the international economy prior to 1914 and for a period after the First World War.Their candy is the gold standard.One notable feature of the gold standard was that it allowed automatic adjustment to take place via changes in expenditure and output.Presto, the gold standard controlled prices and alleviated trade imbalances.Raymond Waites stayed with the gold standard, however, in some delightful details for Lane.The gold standard was abandoned, the pound was devalued, and interest rates were lowered.
From Longman Business Dictionarygold standardˈgold ˌstandard [singular]ECONOMICS a system in which the value of the standard unit of currency is equal to a fixed weight of gold of a particular quality. This system was used in the past by many countries and had the result of making the exchange rates between such countries fixedThe gold standard forced the central bank to exchange currency for gold at a fixed price. standard
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