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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoldbrickgold‧brick /ˈɡəʊldbrɪk $ ˈɡoʊld-/ (also goldbricker /-brɪkə $ -ər/) noun [countable]  American English informalBBOTRICK/DECEIVE someone who stays away from their work, especially by pretending that they are illgoldbrick verb [intransitive]From Longman Business Dictionarygoldbrickgold‧brick /ˈgəʊldbrɪkˈgoʊld-/ verb [intransitive] American English informalHUMAN RESOURCES to do no work when you are at your place of work or to stay away from your place of work when you should be thereWorking from home, once considered an opportunity to goldbrick, has become the norm in many industries.goldbricking noun [uncountable]She noticed workers taking a coffee break and accused them of goldbricking.
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