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golden syrup

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgolden syrupˌgolden ˈsyrup noun [uncountable]  British EnglishDFD a sweet thick liquid made from sugar that is used in cooking
Examples from the Corpus
golden syrupShe made touching things for the children called mock devil's-food-cakes, concocted out of cocoa, golden syrup, carrots and soya flour.Harvey's face was near, his fair hair plastered close to the skull like golden syrup.Milk in a brown jug and a choice of sugar or golden syrup still in its green and gilt can.Put the sugar, butter, vinegar, golden syrup and water into a heavy saucepan.Porridge with golden syrup was a real treat in Walworth.Lamp-lit faces around a table where cold-weather food steamed, hearty stews and puddings running with golden syrup.The trees around the garden in the centre of Allen Square were spread with golden syrup under the street lamps.
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