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good/bad/poor etc seller

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood/bad/poor etc sellergood/bad/poor etc sellerBBTSELLa product that has been popular, not popular etc with customersbestseller The album ‘Thriller’ remains one of the biggest sellers of all time. seller
Examples from the Corpus
good/bad/poor etc sellerQ.. What makes a book a best seller?Convinced it had a best seller on its hands, Random House came up with the unorthodox idea of relaunching the book.The man who made a best seller out of a defamatory rant now wants to make a best seller out of repentance.Drosnin is an investigative newspaper reporter who once wrote a best seller about Howard Hughes.Alcohol and western cigarettes are best sellers.It was the earliest best seller.His album Stars was last year's best seller and spawned a string of hit singles.Voice over Mrs De Winter is already tipped as being one of the best sellers this year.
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