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good/best/bad practice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood/best/bad practicegood/best/bad practiceWAY/METHODan example of a good or bad way of doing something, especially in a particular job It’s not considered good practice to reveal clients’ names. practice
Examples from the Corpus
good/best/bad practiceThis week, for example, the permanent secretaries of all government departments will meet to discuss best practice in procurement.There is a danger in the search for good practice of looking only at those schools with good academic records.Carlesimo said Tuesday, adding that Marshall had just put in his best practice of camp.It is good practice to make a note of the client's telephone number on the file.An annex citing examples of good practice would also be helpful.Supporters of those with special needs should be exemplars of such good practice.These premises are often inadequate to support good practice.The good practice presented in Table 2 and Appendix 3 addresses many of the factors important to the control of risk.
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