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good/better/healthy etc start (in life)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood/better/healthy etc start (in life)good/better/healthy etc start (in life)ADVANTAGEif you have a good etc start, you have all the advantages or opportunities that your situation, your parents etc could provide to help you succeed Good health care for the mother before birth gives babies a healthy start. Naturally we want to give our kids the best possible start in life. start
Examples from the Corpus
good/better/healthy etc start (in life)They will, however, be getting a new center, and that is a good start, he believes.Not a good start, but a start, nevertheless.But it wasn't a good start in the lessons of love, and left me very arid in such matters.The problem was the middle and end, when the team sacrificed rebounding for getting out to a good start.A good start is one where you pass close behind the start boat going at speed.The auditor may enjoy the gifts, but he had better start looking for a sympathy engram not yet suspected or tapped.He had better start by accepting that if he does the right things, they will not be popular ones.It wasn't a very good start.
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