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good evening

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood eveninggood eveningused to greet someone when you meet them in the evening evening
Examples from the Corpus
good eveningHave a good evening. 1904 How can you, you have class tomorrow night?Dearest Timothy: It is a good evening to sit in this pleasant room and write a letter.Ah, good evening, Lestrade!We exchange slightly embarrassed good evenings with them as we leave.A bad morning, a good afternoon and - perhaps - an even better evening.Behind the glass I see her tell everyone good evening.A policeman walked by, wished me good evening and ushered a warning.But for now from all the team, have a very good evening.
good eveninggood ˈevening ●●● S3 formal  HELLOused to say hello when you are greeting someone in the evening, especially someone you do not knowgood afternoon, good morning, good nightRegisterIn informal everyday English, people often just say Evening. If you don't want to sound formal or informal, you can just say Hello:Evening, Tom.
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