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good faith

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood faithgood faithREAL/NOT FALSE OR ARTIFICIALhonest and sincere intentions πŸ”Š He proposed a second meeting as a sign of his good faith. πŸ”Š The woman who sold me the car claimed she had acted in good faith (=had not meant to deceive me). β†’ faith
Examples from the Corpus
good faithβ€’ As a sign of his good faith, the company has agreed to replace the defective parts for free.β€’ As a result, both parties should always behave in good faith.β€’ Avoid apologizing if you've made a criticism in good faith.β€’ So we paid an exorbitant price for the decisions that were made in good faith and for good purpose.β€’ Special offers are quoted in good faith based on information supplied by retailers.β€’ Whilst still in employment, there was an implied term imposing a duty of good faith.β€’ And I believe President Clinton is a person of good faith as well.β€’ These duties seek to regulate the conduct of partners and promote good faith between them.β€’ However, we judge the Government's good faith in terms of their track record.
good faithˌgood ˈfaith noun [uncountable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š HONESTwhen a person, country etc intends to be honest and sincere and does not intend to deceive anyonein good faith πŸ”Š The company had acted in good faith.sign/show/gesture etc of good faith πŸ”Š A ceasefire was declared as a sign of good faith.
Examples from the Corpus
good faithβ€’ That regulation requires contractors to make a good faith effort to hire 50 percent of their work force from San Francisco.β€’ Such a State should act in good faith so as not to frustrate the objects of the treaty.β€’ Have both the parties acted in good faith?β€’ The detail given in this guide is reproduced in good faith.β€’ As evidence of good faith, the machinery of evacuation was immediately set in motion.β€’ The requirement of good faith would seem to make the law somewhat narrower than it was before.β€’ Perhaps he would take her watch as a token of good faith?β€’ Many of the Democrats question the good faith of the Republicans in reaching a compromise.in good faithβ€’ We bargained in good faith all the way through.
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