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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood-heartedgood-heart‧ed /ˌɡʊd ˈhɑːtɪd $ -ˈhɑːr-/ adjective  KINDkind and generous
Examples from the Corpus
good-heartedTo Dempster, good-hearted and full of admiration and enthusiasm for Keith's genius, this was only a minor problem.He goes on a bit but he's basically very good-hearted and kind.I thought about the good-hearted couple inside its walls, and suddenly they seemed unimportant.Perhaps because she was a bright, good-hearted little person, her business prospered.I did not remember it quite like that, but I began to feel he was a good-hearted, sincere man.To be fair, she was a good-hearted woman who tried to do her best.
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