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good humour

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood humourˌgood ˈhumour British English, good humor American English noun [uncountable]  a happy friendly character or attitude to life At 80 her eyes still sparkled with good humour.good-humoured adjective He was patient and good-humoured.good-humouredly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
good humourShe remains an inspiring example to be remembered and talked of with fondness and good humour.The foreman in a fine good humour.They were in high good humour.It was an extraordinary occasion, lively, moving, startling in its diversity and with much good humour.His usual good humour had vanished and his hand dropped to the dagger pushed in his belt.Falconer was quiet and secretive but seemed in very good humour, laughing and talking rather garrulously.This was either ignored or taken with good humour.To all who attended this day we thank you for your good humour and co-operation under difficult circumstances.
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