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good luck to somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood luck to somebodygood luck to somebodyspokenUNIMPORTANT used to say that you do not mind what someone does because it does not affect you I say, good luck to him. luck
Examples from the Corpus
good luck to somebodyAnyway, good-by and good luck to you.Well, cheers and good luck to you both.In which case, good luck to them both.And finally good luck to Woodstock-based football manager Jim Smith the on Sunday.Simon did well after that but made a pretence of simple good luck to anyone who questioned his apparent good fortune.So good luck to you, Susan.If they start talking high teens, good luck to them.We can only wish good luck to the chairmen or directors of Morgan Grenfell, Amec.
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