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good sense

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood senseˌgood ˈsense noun [uncountable]  the quality someone has when they are able to make sensible decisions about what to dojudgment Mrs Booth showed a lot of good sense.have the good sense to do something Mark had the good sense not to argue. It makes good sense (=is sensible) to do some research before buying.
Examples from the Corpus
good senseThat was a trifle unexpected, but Rossmayne was a man of honour and good sense.Second, it makes good sense from your side of the desk.It therefore makes good sense for us to control for date of birth when looking at the effects of terminal education age.Customers or consumers can be expected to judge a product by their own taste or good sense.The end result made solid good sense.have the good sense to do somethingThey apparently already have it, and have the good sense to realise it.
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