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good/top/poor etc performer

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgood/top/poor etc performergood/top/poor etc performerPERFORM a) someone who does a particular job or activity well or badly Star performers are rewarded with bonuses. b) a product, business etc that makes a lot of money, or that makes very little money Newcastle Brown Ale is an outstanding performer in the British beer market. performer
Examples from the Corpus
good/top/poor etc performerIt took me seven months to really understand that I have an individual who is a good performer.Strasser pointed to the construction, cable, chemical, tire and engineering industries as the likely best performers this year.Almost all the poor performers were to be found in the economically-disadvantaged regions.Both Cisco and Stratacom are among the top performers on Wall Street.He chose an all-or-nothing strategy to put himself in the top performers in the Great Grain Challenge.The poorer performers tend to die; the better ones, to reproduce.But these top performers are aware of the requirements for effective training as well as its limitations.Deals are also being offered to companies as alternative incentive perks to top performers.
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