Language: Old English
Origin: god


1 adjective
good1 S1 W1 comparative better superlative best

of a high standard

of a high standard or quality [≠ bad, poor]:
a good hotel
good quality cloth
The train service is not very good.
My French is better than my Spanish.
You'll receive the best medical treatment.
His qualifications aren't good enough.
see usage note well1


able to do something well:
She's a very good player.
Do you know a good builder?
good at (doing) something
Alex is very good at languages.
She's good at making things.
good with
As a politician, you need to be good with words (=skilful at using words).
He's very good with people (=skilful at dealing with people).
do/make a good job (of doing something) (=do something well)
Mike's done a good job of painting the windows.

what you want

used about something that is what you want or happens in the way that you want [≠ bad]:
That's good news!
I need a bit of good luck.


pleasant and enjoyable
it's good to do something
It's good to see you again.
have a good time/day/weekend etc
Did you have a good vacation?
That was good fun.


likely to be successful or correct:
She's full of good ideas.
Well, can you think of a better plan?
What's the best way to deal with this?
The police have a pretty good idea who did it.
I'm not sure, but I could make a good guess.


suitable or convenient:
Is this a good time to talk to you?
It was a good place to rest.
good for (doing) something
It's a good day for going to the beach.
be good for somebody especially American English
Ten o'clock is good for me.


useful or helpful [≠ bad]:
Do you want some good advice?
The best thing you can do is wait here.
You should make good use of your time.

behaving well

behaving well and not causing any trouble - used especially about a child [= well-behaved; ≠ naughty]:
She's such a good baby.
The kids were as good as gold (=very good).

➔ be on your best behaviour

at behaviour (2)

makes you healthy

likely to make you healthy, either physically or mentally [≠ bad]
good for
Fresh fruit and vegetables are good for you.
Watching too much TV isn't good for you.
good to eat/drink
They have to learn which wild foods are good to eat.

keeps something in good condition

be good for something

likely to improve the condition of something:
products that are good for the environment
The publicity has been good for business.

physically well

[used especially in negatives and comparatives] healthy or well:
'How are you?' 'Better, thanks.'
Lyn's not feeling too good today.

not damaged or weak

if the condition of something is good, it is not damaged or weak
in good condition/shape
It's in pretty good condition for an old car.
Boris had always kept his body in good shape.
The Chancellor announced that the economy is in good shape.
Once the boat's repaired, it'll be as good as new (=in perfect condition).
somebody's good eye/arm/leg etc (=the one that is not damaged)
He sat up, supporting himself on his good arm.


kind and understanding about what other people need or want
good about
Dad lent me the money. He was very good about it.
it/that/this is good of somebody
It was good of him to offer you a lift.
The company's always been very good to me.

morally right

behaving correctly or being right according to accepted moral standards [≠ bad]:
a good man
I try to be good, but it isn't always easy.
Well, that's my good deed for the day (=something good you try to do for someone else every day).
I'm on the side of the good guys (=people who behave in a morally right way, for example in a film).


large in amount, size, range etc [↪ goodish]:
We've had a good crop of apples.
There's a good range of leisure facilities.
I'd been waiting a good while (=a fairly long time).
Our team has a good chance of winning (=is fairly likely to win).

reasonable price

a good price is reasonable and not expensive :
$30 sounds like a good price to me.


[only before noun] doing something for a long time, so that you do it completely and thoroughly:
You need a good rest.
She sat down and had a good cry.
This time he waited until he was good and ready (=completely ready).

a good deal

a lot:
It cost a good deal, I can tell you.
a good deal bigger/better etc
He was a good deal older than her.

good value (for money)

British English something that is good value is not expensive, or is worth what you pay for it:
The three-course menu is good value for money.

good for something

a) able to be used for a particular period of time [= valid]
good for one month/a year etc
Your passport is good for another three years.
b) likely to continue living or being useful for a particular time or distance, even though old or not in good condition
good for some time/a hundred miles etc
This old truck is good for another 100,000 miles.
c) informal likely to give you something or provide something:
Dad should be good for a few bucks.

a good three miles/ten years etc

at least three miles, ten years etc, and probably more:
It's a good mile away.
He's a good ten years younger than her.

as good as

as good as done/finished etc
The summer's as good as over.
as good as dead/ruined/useless etc
This carpet's as good as ruined.

a good few/many

a fairly large number of things or people:
I've done this a good few times now.
A good many people were upset about the new tax.

too good to be true/to last

informal so good that you cannot believe it is real, or you expect something bad to happen:
Their relationship had always seemed too good to be true.

somebody's too good for somebody

used to say that you think the second person does not deserve to have a relationship with the first:
George is a good lad, too good for you!

in your own good time

informal if you do something in your own good time, you do it only when you are ready to do it, rather than when other people want you to:
I'll tell him in my own good time.

in good time (for something/to do something)

British English if you do something in good time, you do it early enough to be ready for a particular time or event:
Ben arrived in good time for dinner.

hanging/shooting etc is too good for somebody

spoken used to say that someone has done something so bad that they deserve the most severe punishment available

as good a time/place etc as any

used to say that although a time etc is not perfect, there will probably not be a better one:
I suppose this is as good a place as any to stay.

be as good as your word

to do something that you promised to do

a good word for somebody/something

something good that you say about someone or something:
Dan put in a good word for you at the meeting.
have/find a good word (to say)
No one had a good word to say for her.

be in somebody's good books

informal if you are in someone's good books, they are pleased with you or your work:
I'll ask my boss for the day off - I'm in her good books just now.

have a good thing going

to have or be doing something that is successful:
They've got a good thing going with that little shop of theirs.

be onto a good thing

British English informal to have found an easy way of being successful or getting what you want:
Andrew knew when he was onto a good thing.

make good


make it good

to become successful and rich after being poor - used especially in newspapers:
a country boy who made good in New York

make good a debt/loss etc

to pay someone money that you owe, or to provide money to replace what has been lost - used especially in business:
The loss to the company was made good by contributions from its subsidiaries.

make good your escape

literary to succeed in escaping

the good life

an expensive way of living with good food, fast cars etc:
his weakness for women and the good life

the good old days

the good times in the past :
We talked for hours about the good old days.

somebody's good offices

formal help that someone provides, especially someone in a position of power

good Samaritan

someone who gives help to people in trouble

the good book

old-fashionedRRC the Bible

➔ so far so good

at far1 (8)

➔ give as good as you get

at give1 (34)

➔ while the going's good

at going1 (4)

➔ hold good

at hold1 (14)

➔ for good measure

at measure2 (8)

➔ pay good money for something

at money (5)

➔ bad/good sailor

at sailor (2)

➔ that's/it's all well and good

at well3 (4)
43 spoken


a) used to say that you are pleased about something:
Good. I'm glad that's finished.
'I got an A in Biology, Mum.' ' Oh, good.'
b) used to tell someone that you think their work or what they are doing is good:
'Is the answer five?' 'Yes, good.'
44 spoken

that's good

used to say that you approve of something:
'I've booked a table.' 'Oh, that's good.'
45 spoken

(that's a) good idea/point/question

used to say that someone has just said or suggested something interesting or important that you had not thought of before:
'But it's Sunday, the bank will be closed.' 'Good point.'
46 spoken

good luck

used to say that you hope that someone is successful or that something good happens to them:
Good luck in your exams.
47 spoken

good luck to him/them etc

used to say that you hope someone is successful, even if you think this is unlikely:
'They're hoping to finish it by November.' 'Good luck to them.'
48 spoken

good for somebody

used to say that you approve of something that someone has done:
'I've decided to accept the job.' 'Good for you.'
49 spoken

it's a good thing

also it's a good job British English used to say that you are glad something happened, because there would have been problems if it had not happened:
It's a good thing you're at home. I've lost my keys.
and a good thing/job too British English
She's gone, and a good thing too.
50 spoken

that's/it's not good enough

used to say that you are not satisfied with something and that you are annoyed about it:
It's just not good enough. I've been waiting an hour!
51 spoken

be good and ready

to be completely ready:
We'll go when I'm good and ready and not before.
52 spoken

that's a good one

used to tell someone that you do not believe something they have said and think it is a joke or a trick:
You won $50,000? That's a good one!
53 spoken

be good for a laugh

also be a good laugh British English to be enjoyable or amusing:
It's Hazel's party tomorrow. Should be good for a laugh.
54 spoken

good old John/Karen etc

used to praise someone, especially because they have behaved in the way that you expect them to:
Good old Ed! I knew he wouldn't let us down.
55 spoken

good grief/God/Lord/heavens/gracious!

used to express surprise or anger:
'It's going to cost us £500.' 'Good grief!'
56 spoken

good girl/boy/dog etc

used to tell a child or animal that they have behaved well or done something well:
Sit! Good dog.
57 spoken

if you know what's good for you

used in a threatening way to tell someone to do something or something bad will happen to them:
Do as he says, if you know what's good for you!
58 spoken

would you be good enough to do something

also would you be so good as to do something formal used to ask someone very politely to do something:
Would you be good enough to help me with my bags?
59 spoken

all in good time

British English used when someone wants to do something soon but you want to wait a little:
'When can we open our presents, Mom?' 'All in good time, Billy.'
60 spoken

have a good one

American English used to say goodbye and to wish someone a nice day
61 spoken

be good to go

American English informal to be ready to do something:
I've got my shoes and I'm good to go.
62 spoken

be as good as it gets

spoken if a situation is as good as it gets, it is not going to improve:
Enjoy yourself while you can. This is as good as it gets.
63 spoken

it's all good

especially American English informal used to say that a situation is good or acceptable, or that there is not a problem:
Don't worry about it, man - it's all good.
64 spoken

very good

British English old-fashioned used to tell someone in a position of authority that you will do what they have asked:
'Tell the men to come in.' 'Very good, sir.'
65 spoken

(jolly) good show

British English old-fashioned used to say that you approve of something someone has done
very good: excellent, fantastic, wonderful, great, terrific, neat American English, superb, amazing, outstanding, brilliant, impressive, fine, first-class, out of this world

of good quality: high quality, top quality, superior, deluxe, classy

morally good: decent, virtuous, respectable, honourable British English/honorable American English, upright, beyond reproach

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