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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoodlygood‧ly /ˈɡʊdli/ adjective [only before noun]  1 a goodly number/sum/amount etc2 old useBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGGOOD/EXCELLENT pleasant in appearance or good in quality
Examples from the Corpus
goodlySmall Dave had spent a goodly amount of time impressing upon him the importance of finding a camel.He was going to need a goodly few replacement parts if he ever hoped to restore it.The Thatcher Years have been splendid ones for a goodly number of golf members throughout this Royal and Ancient land of ours.It seems fair to assume that she will attract the attention of a goodly number of our countrymen.A goodly portion of this land is valuable property near Austin, the capital of Texas.Yet for the United States, coal has an overpowering redeeming feature -- it is in goodly supply.Possibly Jim would have survived for a goodly while bobbing up and down in this fashion.
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