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goods S2 W2 [plural]
1PE things that are produced in order to be sold
electrical/industrial/agricultural etc goods
furniture and other household goods
the large market for consumer goods (=televisions, washing machines etc)
Britain's leading exporter of manufactured goods (=things that are made not grown)
There will be tax increases on a range of goods and services.
dry goods
2 things that someone owns and that can be moved:
They were charged with handling stolen goods.
We collected up our goods and left.
3 British EnglishTT things which are carried by road, train etc [= freight]:
a goods train

come up with the goods/deliver the goods

informal to do what is needed or expected:
He's a great player. He always comes up with the goods on the day.

have/get the goods on somebody

American English to have or find proof that someone is guilty of a crime:
Face it, Bukowski, we got the goods on you!

damaged goods

someone whose actions mean that they no longer have a good effect or influence on something:
After the scandal, he was considered damaged goods by the party.

➔ worldly goods

at worldly (1)

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