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goodwillgood‧will /ˌɡʊdˈwɪl◂/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 KINDkind feelings towards or between people and a willingness to be helpful A fund was set up as a goodwill gesture to survivors and their families.the season of goodwill (=Christmas)2 BBTthe value that a company has because it has a good relationship with its customers The sale price also covers the goodwill of the business.
Examples from the Corpus
goodwillMiss Fogerty was humbly grateful for her goodwill, but would never have dreamt of imposing upon it.In the years that followed it expanded operations without seeking local approval, earning little goodwill in Guadalcazar.Janis's reaction felt familiar, a form of goodwill Helen knew how to accept.U.S. troops arrived to find an enormous reservoir of public goodwill.Once again the goodwill is irrelevant to the minority interest.It would be a right insult to them to back off, and as you say, their goodwill could be handy.goodwill gestureIf this makes you uneasy, think about distributing a little preemptive baksheesh as a goodwill gesture.Some training is carried out as a goodwill gesture.As a goodwill gesture, Pac Bell sent baskets of fruit to competitors welcoming them to the market.The visit was a goodwill gesture to Raychem, which employs 1,300 people at its sites in Dorcan and Cheney Manor.She never repeated the goodwill gesture.
GoodwillGood‧will (also Goodwill Industries)  a charity organization in North America that helps people who have difficulty in getting jobs because they are disabled, cannot read or write, have been in prison etc. It gets money by collecting old clothes, furniture, and electrical equipment, which its members repair and sell in Goodwill shops He looks as if he buys all his clothes from Goodwill.From Longman Business Dictionarygoodwillgood‧will /gʊdˈwɪl/ noun [uncountable] ACCOUNTING the value that a business has in addition to the value of its ASSETS. Goodwill includes things such as the good REPUTATION that a business has, the names of its products, and the good relations it has with its customersThe sale price also covers the goodwill of the business.
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