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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgorygor‧y /ˈɡɔːri/ adjective  1 informalVIOLENT clearly describing or showing violence, blood, and killing a gory horror movie gory tales of murdersee thesaurus at violent2 (all) the gory details3 literaryINJURE covered in blood
Examples from the Corpus
goryThe book's descriptions of the killings were unbelievably gory.Forget the stories about chivalrous knights and the clash of arms - it was one gory, blood-spattered mess.However, 44% of you feel that these reports should leave the gory details out and 39% feel they encourage copycat crimes.It is, at times, too gory for kids.The regiment halted amidst a gory, ghastly scene.He had his friend grab the dead man by the hair and raise the gory head off the ground, brains dripping.It is like a simmering volcano that occasionally throws up spurts of gory violence.She returned to her gory work, which had become less disturbing than her conversations with von Stein.
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