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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgossipygos‧sip‧y /ˈɡɒsəpi $ ˈɡɑː-/ adjective informal  1 RUMOUR/RUMORa gossipy conversation, letter etc is informal and full of gossip2 TALK TO somebodya gossipy person likes to gossip gossipy secretaries
Examples from the Corpus
gossipyThere is something gossipy and gay about him.A four- or five-minute interview on a gossipy level, quite cheeky and witty and charming I've no doubt.a gossipy magazineYou need to be either in the charts or heading that way to earn space in those gossipy pages.Suddenly it all seemed so small, so gossipy, so young, narrow, incestuous.Excerpts from the book proposal, published on Inside.com, a gossipy website, only heightened the mystery.
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