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gouachegou‧ache /ɡʊˈɑːʃ, ɡwɑːʃ/ noun  1 [uncountable]AVP a method of painting using colours that are mixed with water and made thicker with a type of glue2 [countable]AVP a picture painted in this way
Examples from the Corpus
gouacheThey represent a wide range of water-based media, from gouache and acrylic to transparent watercolors.However, gouache is not a substitute for watercolour, and is a water-based medium in its own right.Her medium is gouache and watercolour which lends itself well to graphic reproduction.Colours used are the Art Spectrum and Winsor & Newton gouache.Thick gouache can give similar results to oil paint, except that the gouache often dries with a matt surface.When watercolour is combined with gouache, or with the new water-soluble drawing media, the results can be quite striking.He explains how he captures the grandeur of his subject with gouache.With gouache the paint dries quite quickly.
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