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Related topics: Cooking
gourmetgour‧met1 /ˈɡʊəmeɪ $ ˈɡʊr-, ɡʊrˈmeɪ/ adjective [only before noun]  DFCGOOD/EXCELLENTproducing or relating to very good food and drink a gourmet cook gourmet dinners
Examples from the Corpus
gourmeta gourmet restaurant
Related topics: Cooking
gourmetgourmet2 noun [countable]  DFCsomeone who knows a lot about food and wine and who enjoys good food and wine
Examples from the Corpus
gourmetMany gourmets say that Camembert should never be kept in a fridge.They're real gourmets and buy only the best cuts of meat.The shop only sells gourmet food, at astronomical prices.
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