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goutgout /ɡaʊt/ noun [uncountable]  MIa disease that makes your toes, fingers, and knees swollen and painful
Examples from the Corpus
goutI am a gout sufferer, and it's no laughing matter.He looked in the mirror and could see a gout of her smoker's phlegm on his cheek.In addition to these disorders, two specific enzyme defects have been reported to cause primary adult gout.Four clinical stages in the course of gout are generally recognized.Allopurinol has withstood substantial trials, and remains a standard drug for the treatment of gout.Hyperuricemia is generated by one or both of two mechanisms in primary gout.The causes of primary and secondary gout are presented in Table 4-2.Not only was gout meant to protect one from more dangerous ailments; it engendered virtue in itself.
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