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governessgov‧ern‧ess /ˈɡʌvənəs $ -ər-/ noun [countable]  BOSEa female teacher in the past, who lived with a rich family and taught their children at homesee thesaurus at teacher
Examples from the Corpus
governessFinding teaching too confining, she gave up a post as a governess in 1895.When I was last here I had spent time talking with Dalim Das, once a governess with a wealthy family.By the age of twenty-four she was free to seek work outside the home, finding temporary positions as amanuensis and governess.Edith died in 1871 and Maud and her sister Kathleen were cared for by a nurse and governess.His sisters return to their positions as governesses, and Jane goes to live in a cottage by the school.He painted Commonwealth Avenue, governesses and chil-dren in the snow.She professed to have been a cook in a house where I was once governess.When the children become only more wild, the Bloomfields blame their governess, and Agnes is let go after one year.
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