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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgoverninggov‧ern‧ing /ˈɡʌvənɪŋ $ -ər-/ adjective  1 [only before noun]CONTROL having the power and authority to control an organization, country etc syn ruling FIFA is the governing body of world soccer (=the group of people who control it). The Democrats are now the governing party (=the party in power) in the country. the governing class of ancient Rome2 governing principleself-governing
Examples from the Corpus
governingMost schools reorganised their governing bodies in Autumn 1988.The final selection will be based on local requirements and the information returned from governing bodies wishing to be considered for inclusion.The governing body is charged with managing the school within its delegated budget.The governing body's decision was guided by three very important considerations: principle, existing practice, and time.The £100 will be paid directly to each governing body selected.Their recommendation to the governing body was not to establish a structure of sub-committees.But the governing New Democracy Party dismissed calls for an early general election.Successive state elections have seen the governing parties pummelled by a dismayed electorate.governing bodyMost important is discussion of curriculum planning and curriculum carrying-out by you and your governing body.They have to understand that it does not diminish their professional authority and status if they share decision-making with the governing body.The worldwide list of national governing body addresses is the most up to date anywhere.Before the 1988 Act, the governing bodies had control only over religious instruction.Some governing bodies have been sensitive to this danger and have established committees and structures involving teachers other than the teacher-governors.But the governing body of stock car racing has always moved deliberately with safety improvements.The £100 will be paid directly to each governing body selected.It is only the governing body who can end a suspension.
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