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governmentgov‧ern‧ment /ˈɡʌvəmənt, ˈɡʌvənmənt $ ˈɡʌvərn-/ ●●● S2 W1 noun  1 (also Government) [countable usually singular]GOVERNMENT the group of people who govern a country or state The Government are planning further cuts in public spending. The US government has tightened restrictions on firearms. Neither party had the majority necessary to form a government.under a government (=during the period of a government) Structural reforms are unlikely under the present government.GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In this meaning, government is usually followed by a singular verb: The government is planning to increase taxes.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The government are planning to increase taxes.2 [uncountable]GOVERNMENT a form or system of government Most people in the country support the return to democratic government. local government, central government3 [uncountable]GOVERNMENT the process or way of governingin government What would the opposition do if they were in government (=governing the country)? the importance of good government in developing countries4 [uncountable] American EnglishGOVERNMENT the degree to which the government controls economic and social activities The protest march was really about big government (=when the government controls many activities).COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + governmentthe UK/French/Thai etc governmentThe UK government has offered to send aid.the Labour/Conservative/Social Democratic etc governmentIn August 1931, the Labour government collapsed.the Thatcher/Blair etc governmentDid the Blair government do more for Africa than previous ones?a coalition government (=government made up of members of more than one political party)The country has had a succession of weak coalition governments.a minority government (=that does not have enough politicians to control parliament)His party had gained only enough seats to form a minority government.a left-wing/right-wing governmentThe new left-wing government restructured the economy.central/national government (=that deals with national rather than local things)Funding will continue to be available from central government for further education for adults.federal government (=in the US, the government of the whole country rather than of the individual states)The state, rather than the federal government, would have to pay the extra cost.local/state/city governmentThe interference in local government by central government is not just financial, but political.government + NOUNgovernment spendingGovernment spending on health care totals about $60 billion a year.a government ministerA government minister said that there would be an inquiry.a government official (=someone who works for a government in an official position)He had a meeting with French scientists and government officials.a government body (also a government agency American English) (=an organization run by the government)Patents are granted by the U.K. Patent Office, a government body.a government departmentthe government department responsible for policingverbselect a government (=vote to choose a government)A new government was elected last October.form a government (=become the government)The party attained the majority of seats it needed to form a government.bring down a government (=force it to lose power)It was a major scandal that nearly brought down the government.
THESAURUSgovernment [countable, uncountable] the group of people who govern a country or the system they use to govern itThe French government did not sign the agreement.a democratic system of governmentadministration [countable] the government of a country, especially one such as the US, which is led by a presidentthe Kennedy administrationthe problems left by the previous administrationregime [countable] a government, especially one that was not elected fairly or that you disapprove ofMost people opposed the apartheid regime.the executive [singular] the part of the government that makes sure that laws and decisions work wellthe separation of powers between the executive, the legislature, and the judiciarydemocracy [countable, uncountable] a political system in which everyone can vote to choose the government, or a country that has this systemThe transition to democracy has not been easy.In a democracy, people have freedom of speech.republic [countable] a country that has an elected government, and is led by a president, not a king or queenMauritius became a republic in 1992.monarchy [countable, uncountable] /ˈmɒnəki $ ˈmɑːnərki/ the system of having a king or queen as the head of state, or a country that has this systemSome monarchies have elected governments.controversy about the institution of monarchyan undemocratic governmentdictatorship [countable, uncountable] a political system or country that has a dictator (=a leader who has complete power and who has not been elected)Argentina was a military dictatorship until 1983.Hungary’s years of dictatorshiptotalitarian adjective [only before noun] used for describing countries in which ordinary people have no power and the government has complete control over everythingtotalitarian states such as Nazi Germanya totalitarian dictatorshippolice state [countable] a country where the government strictly controls people’s freedom, for example to travel or to talk about politicsIt’s like living in a police state.
Examples from the Corpus
governmentThe Republicans were elected by campaigning against big government and high taxes.It has been difficult for the central government to conduct elections in remote areas.the city government of Los AngelesAfter years of corrupt government, people are tired of politics.The French government strongly condemned the killings.the French governmentHaving a popular leader does not guarantee good government.The voters just want good government and less taxes.His blend of smears, half truths and downright lies ruined many careers in government and the professions.Still others see the pro-bat requirement as just another example of federal encroachment on local government.The local government has been unable to meet the demand for affordable housing.In practice the actions of governments have been less high-minded: a fact the opposition is always quick to point out.The newspaper, La Prensa, was shut down for nearly two years because of its criticism of government policies.The current Liberal Party has no actual experience of government.Almost everywhere the monarch was, and was expected to be, the moving force behind the machinery of government.In public sector schools in the late 1980s, shortages of government funding were bringing pressures to charge fees.The government even began legal proceedings against the survivors, indicting them for rebellion and damaging public property.The government has promised to cut taxes.The government said that Iceland has no plans to resume whaling.Taxation is about all there is to government.Unemployment is a problem that many Western governments continue to face.under a governmentThey are the values which will help us complete the transformation of Britain, under a Government competent, decent and strong.In 1954 wellhead gas prices also came under government control.Utility companies, under government regulation, might do a better job of keeping the air clean.Soon he was working there on digs under government auspices.The individual under a government enjoys a certain measure of order and security.It was charged with finding and ending racial discrimination in war industries under government contract.Farmworkers fear for their future if the Board now under government review is scrapped.The mine has since - with violent and fatal opposition - been placed under government control.big governmentConservatives have protested against big government and federal spending.The penalty imposed by big government for expansion in business is a growing burden of responsibility, paperwork and liability.Most substantially, Rockefeller is attacked as an apostle of big government.According to President Clinton, the era of big government is over.The first is an overview of big government.Mr Pinkerton brilliantly succeeds in convincing the reader that big government is an endangered species.Clinton has an undeniable economic vision: bigger government.
From Longman Business Dictionarygovernmentgov‧ern‧ment /ˈgʌvəmənt, ˈgʌvənməntˈgʌvərn-/ (also Government) noun [countable] the group of people responsible for running a country or state and making decisions about taxes, laws, public services etcThe Government is planning further cuts in public spending.