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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgovernorgov‧er‧nor, Governor /ˈɡʌvə $ -vərnər/ ●●● W3 noun [countable]  1 a) PGOGOVERENMENTthe person in charge of governing a state in the US b) PGOGOVERENMENTthe person in charge of governing a country that is under the political control of another country2 British EnglishBOCONTROL a member of a committee that controls an organization or institution a school governor the hospital’s board of governors3 British EnglishSCJ the person in charge of an institution the prison governorgovernor of the governor of the central bank4 British EnglishIN CHARGE OF a guvnor
Examples from the Corpus
governorGovernor Brown refused to answer the question.Another was a governor who frequently came into Russells Hall.In 1990, peddling himself to the voters as a successful businessman, he was elected governor.the former governor of Hong KongThe troubles of the new governor are being described.The board of governors consists of the finance minister from each member state.No Texas governor has won re-election since Dolph Briscoe in 1974.His most consistent phrase was that he wants to accomplish in Washington what the governors have done in their states.the governor of South Dakotaboard of governorsDozens of boards of governors sessions have been postponed because too few members have turned up.The roles of the board of governors and the executive board are broadly as described in Section 8.2.3.The board of governors consists of the finance minister from each member state.Controlled schools are managed by education and library boards through boards of governors.prison governorCatering responsibilities for the prison lie with Mike Lamb, a prison governor whose title is G5 Caterer.The jail trip prize has been offered by prison governor Robin Halward.The names of certain prison governors whose personal positive qualities permeated every aspect of their prisons tend to be long remembered.The Home Secretary said that he had found prison governors who were in favour of the Bill.But the prison governor insists the correct procedures were followed.Some bureaux have been invited in by the probation or education departments or by the prison governor.The situation has prompted the prison governor to take the unusual step of refusing to accept any more remand prisoners.The prison Governor says he was in a disturbed state.
From Longman Business Dictionarygovernorgov‧er‧nor /ˈgʌvənə-ərnər/ noun [countable]1JOBFINANCEthe person in charge of an important organization such as a country’s CENTRAL BANKthe governor of the Bank of England2British English a member of the committee in control of an institution such as a school, or of some official organizationsThe BBC’s board of governors meets today to discuss the whole issue of funding.