Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin gratia 'pleasing quality, kindness', from gratus; GRATEFUL


1 noun
Related topics: Religion, Christianity

way of moving

[uncountable] a smooth way of moving that looks natural, relaxed, and attractive [= gracefulness]:
Lena moved with the grace of a dancer.


a) [uncountable] polite and pleasant behaviour:
The hotel maintains traditional standards of elegance, style, and grace.
have the grace to do something
He didn't even have the grace to apologize (=he was not polite enough to apologize).


[plural] the skills needed to behave in a way that is considered polite and socially acceptable:
Max definitely lacked social graces.

more time

[uncountable] also grace period American English more time that is allowed to someone to finish a piece of work, pay a debt etc
a day's/week's etc grace
I got a few days' grace to finish my essay.

with (a) good/bad grace

in a willing and pleasant way, or an unwilling and angry way:
Kevin smiled and accepted his defeat with good grace.
With typical bad grace, they refused to come to the party.

god's kindness

formal [uncountable]RR God's kindness that is shown to people:
We are saved by God's grace.

there but for the grace of God (go I)

used to say that you feel lucky not to be in the same bad situation as someone else


[uncountable]RRC a prayer thanking God, said before a meal:
My father said grace.


[uncountable] the state of someone's soul when it is free from evil, according to Christian belief:
He died in a state of grace (=when God has forgiven you for the wrong things you have done).

Your/His etc Grace

used as a title when talking to or about a duke, duchess, or archbishop

the Graces

RM three beautiful Greek goddesses who often appear in art

➔ airs and graces

at air1 (9)

➔ fall from grace

at fall1 (17)

➔ saving grace

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